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  • 168
  • average item level
    (166 equipped )
    • Area 52 (US)
    • Level
    • 60
    • Achievement Points
    • 9270
    • Health: 23500
    • 100
    • Base
    • Melee
    • Ranged
    • Spell
    • Defense
    • Strength: 271
    • Agility: 955
    • Stamina: 1175
    • Intellect: 371
    • Spirit: None
    • Mastery: %9.30
    • Haste Rating: None
    • Mastery Rating: 241
    • Resilience: None


    • Honor Level:

    • HKs:


    Lifetime Rated Match History

    Where shall my blood be spilled?

    Account Description

    Gold on Account: 500,000

    This one has the ridiculous Mighty Caravan Brutosaur. This huge beast carries around his own auction house! An auction house, right there on your back! Can you imagine it!

    Very nice account though with a solid mount collection. Given that Hunters are the current flavor of the month as well putting out staggering DPS numbers this one is a no brainer!

    Geared and ready for Dungeons and about ready to start raiding as well. Play Today!

    Notable Mounts (26)
    Mighty Caravan Brutosaur A ridiculous 5 MILLION Gold Mount - Comes with Vendors and Auction House
    Ensorcelled Everwyrm Heroic Edition Shadowlands Upgrade Reward
    Amani Battle Bear Version 2.0
    Obsidian Worldbreaker Achievement: Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire
    Corrupted Fire Hawk Meta Reward for Glory of the Firelands Raider
    Rustbolt Resistor Rustbolt Resistance Exalted & a staggering 524,288 gold!
    Ivory Cloud Serpent Use a Zan-Tien Lasso on the Ivory Cloud Serpent - Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Mogu Assault
    Springfur Alpaca Feed a Friendly Alpaca with Gersahl Greens in Uldum for 7 days
    Garn Nighthowl
    Bronze Drake
    Coalfist Gronnling Rare Warlords of Draenor Drop -- Bigger, Uglier Poundfist!
    Crusader's Direhorn Zandalari Troll Faction/Rare Limited Mount
    Wonderwing 2.0 Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder 2 - Flying - Reward Mount!
    Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher DeathLord's Class Mount added Patch 7.2.5 -- Long Quest Chain to Acquire Legion Flying and this Mount!
    Swift Lovebird
    Twilight Drake
    Black Drake
    Mail Muncher Rare Drop from Mail Muncher
    Albino Drake
    Spectral Pterrorwing
    Armored Brown Bear
    Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
    Sky Golem
    Sandstone Drake Turns character into a Drake -- While in flight, you can carry another ally on your back like a vehicle.
    Kor'kron Annihilator
    Grand Expedition Yak Mount with Transmogrifier and a Vendor/Repair Guy!
    Notable Pets (1)
    Anima Wyrmling Heroic Shadowlands Upgrade Reward
    Notable Titles (14)
    Hellscream's Downfall Mythic Garrosh Hellscream Raid Boss Title
    Defiler's End Mythic Archimonde Boss Kill Title
    Vengeance Incarnate Mythic Guldan Boss Kill Title
    Liberator of Orgrimmar Horde - Mythic Garrosh Hellscream Raid Boss Title
    Empire's Twilight Mythic: Imperator's Fall
    the Kingslayer
    Destroyer's End Deathwing Boss Kill Title
    the Light of Dawn
    of the Four Winds
    the Dreamer Mythic Xavius Boss Kill Title
    Savior of Azeroth
    Ironbane Mythic Blackhand Boss Kill Title
    Twilight Vanquisher