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  • 678
  • average item level
    (676 equipped )
    • Illidan (US)
    • Level
    • 100
    • Achievement Points
    • 13320
    • Health: 342780
    • 160000
    First Aid:
    • Base
    • Melee
    • Ranged
    • Spell
    • Defense
    • Strength: 554
    • Agility: 982
    • Stamina: 5713
    • Intellect: 4366
    • Spirit: 1157
    • Mastery: %48.49
    • Haste Rating: 755
    • Mastery Rating: 898
    • Resilience: None


    • Honor Level:

    • HKs:


    Lifetime Rated Match History

    Yes, master.

    Account Description

    With the stats crunch with Shadowlands patch the characters are LvL 40 now (50 being Max LvL). All other information is correct.

    Featuring almost 13k achievement points, tons of transmog gear including Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode Gold Weapon Transmogs, 30+ level 25 battle pets and max professions -- this account is perfect for anyone looking to get into the new expansion!

    In addition the green fire quest chain which turns all of your fire-based spells a 'fel green' is no longer obtainable -- and this guy has it!

    Alongside the fel fire, it'll come with the awesome 'of the Black Harvest' title as well as the also no longer obtainable MoP Legendary cloak!

    Overall this is an awesome account and is ready to be played asap! What are you waiting for?

    Notable Mounts (30)
    Corrupted Fire Hawk Meta Reward for Glory of the Firelands Raider
    Ironbound Proto-Drake Meta Raid Reward for Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 man)
    Heart of the Aspects Awesome Looking Blizzard Store Mount $25
    Violet Proto-Drake What a long Strange Trip it's been Meta Award
    Kor'kron War Wolf Ahead of the Curve Garrosh Hellscream Mount
    Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher Meta Raid Reward from Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 man)
    Amani Battle Bear Version 2.0
    Sunhide Gronnling Poundfist!
    Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher Meta Raid Reward for Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 Man)
    Swift Brewfest Ram
    Bronze Drake
    Red Proto-Drake
    Albino Drake
    Black Drake
    Armored Brown Bear
    Grand Ice Mammoth
    Twilight Drake
    Blue Proto-Drake
    Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent
    Goblin Turbo-Trike
    Sky Golem
    Dark Phoenix
    Warlord's Deathwheel
    Garn Nighthowl
    Mottled Meadowstomper
    Core Hound
    Bloodhoof Bull
    Great Greytusk
    Kor'kron Annihilator
    Flameward Hippogryph
    Notable Pets (15)
    Anubisath Idol
    Pandaren Water Spirit
    Iron Starlette
    Molten Corgi
    Magical Crawdad
    Servant of Demidos
    Frostwolf Pup
    Albino Chimaeraling
    Sunfire Kaliri
    Albino River Calf
    Forest Sproutling
    Lil' Tarecgosa
    Notable Titles (8)
    Liberator of Orgrimmar
    Destroyer's End
    the Tranquil Master
    the Kingslayer
    Savior of Azeroth
    the Fearless
    Feats of Strength (11)
    A Brew-FAST Mount
    It's Over Nine Thousand!
    WoW's 9th Anniversary
    Order of the Cloud Serpent
    Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player)
    Puddle Jumper
    The Immortal Vanguard
    The Iron Invasion
    WoW's 10th Anniversary
    Boldly, You Sought the Power of Ragnaros
    Crashin' Thrashin' Shredder
    Legacy Achievements (13)
    1000 Valor Points
    5000 Valor Points
    25,000 Valor Points
    Upper Blackrock Spire
    Chapter I: Trial of the Black Prince
    Chapter III: Two Princes
    Chapter IV: Celestial Blessings
    Chapter II: Wrathion's War
    A Test of Valor
    You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates
    Chapter V: Judgment of the Black Prince
    Proving Yourself: Bronze Damage
    Reward Achievements (38)
    Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart
    Lil' Game Hunter
    Petting Zoo
    Littlest Pet Shop
    Leading the Cavalry
    Legacy of Leyara
    The Molten Front Offensive
    Explore Northrend
    For The Horde!
    Glory of the Hero
    Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player)
    Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player)
    Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player)
    Looking For Multitudes
    Glory of the Firelands Raider
    The Coin Master
    What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
    Between a Saurok and a Hard Place
    The Dark Heart of the Mogu
    Fish Tales
    The Song of the Yaungol
    Hozen in the Mist
    The Seven Burdens of Shaohao
    Ballad of Liu Lang
    Heart of the Mantid Swarm
    What Is Worth Fighting For
    The Tillers
    Pandaren Ambassador
    I Choose You
    WoW's 9th Anniversary
    Rumbles of Thunder
    Gods and Monsters
    Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player)
    The Immortal Vanguard
    WoW's 10th Anniversary
    Boldly, You Sought the Power of Ragnaros